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nopCommerce Fullpage Template

Fullpage-nopcommerce is a themeable website template with full e-commerce, CMS functionality distinguished by both vertical and horizontal page scrolling for beautiful online shops.

Bespoke nopCommerce Development

We can develop bespoke plugins to match your requirements, from unique menus to upgrading your database, website configuration or just simple advice on your installation; consider your website solved!

The Metro Template 3.10

Nopcommerce Metro 3.10 is a free Microsoft themed, touch screen optimized overhaul for your nopCommerce website.

nopCommerce Bootstrap 4 Category Menu

Definitive category navigation for your nopCommerce powered website comes with the touch friendly, hover or click, bootstrap 4 category menu with custom 3-2-1 flex grid for subcategory pictures and description.

Responsive Mega Menu

Hover or click dropdowns mega menu with centered flex grid for multi level subcategories with pictures and description. This upgrade for your nopCommerce website will improve your customer experience and usability.

nopCommerce Product Menu

Definitive product navigation for your nopCommerce powered website comes with the touch friendly, product menu with hybrid centered 4-3-2-1 flex grid including sub-category titles and category navigation. The mobile menu slides using jQuery toggle.
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More Widgets on the way! -05 March 2017
Thank you to the patience of WebsiteSolved visitors there are more carousels on the way! If you like the idea of fully animated product sliders that draw your customers immediately you'll love the new Mega Slider Pack..
What do you make of the newly redesigned WebsiteSolved? Well we need a competent designer to work on themes and a developer to work on new plugins. There are three or four projects that require completion - approximately 75% of the work is done; layout, scripts and fonts are all ready so if you are good with css or can mod nopcommerce into a plugin get in touch asap!