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The nopcommerce Bootstrap Category Menu

2 years ago
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Version 1.00
(nopcommerce 3.80)
Installation Instructions for the BootStrap4 Category Menu V1.00 (nop3.80)

1. Unpack the archive, copy the Misc.MegaMetro folder to your Plugins directory.

2. Log in to the admin area, navigate to Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins, click reload list of plugins.

3. MegaMetro will now appear in the list of plugins, click install.

4. Copy the contents of the CategoryMenuView (CategoryMenu.cshtml and _Root.cshtml) to your Views -> Shared folder replacing the _Root.cshtml.

5. Optionally, add the ManufacturerCarousel.cshtml to your Views -> Shared folder and add

<div class="page home-page">
    <div class="page-body">
        @Html.Action("TopicBlock", "Topic", new { systemName = "HomePageText" })
        @Html.Action("ManufacturerCarousel", "MegaMetro", new { currentManufacturerId = currentManufacturerId })
        @Html.Action("HomepageCategories", "Catalog")

on the Home -> Index.cshtml View file
2 years ago
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Admin Configuration

The nopcommerce bootstrap category menu works in just the same way as the standard TopMenu, therefore there is no admin configuration to complete!

Version 1.10 --> Render new WidgetZone  @Html.Widget("CategoryMenu") to simplify installation (locate View files in Plugin)