MegaMetro Plugin

The MegaMetro plugin enables a developer to build mega menus and show multiple product pictures for new and featured products in carousels.

Plugin Demo

Who is the MegaMetro Plugin for?

Well if you build nopCommerce websites and want a no compromise upgrade to the user interface this is the perfect solution for you!

The plugin is highly optimised and there is minimal affect on website perfomance.

Build mega menus for your nopCommerce website with category and sub-category pictures category descriptions, any level.

Build a stand alone topic/information mega menu.

Build touch friendly responsive themes with multilple product pictures for new and featured products sliders. 

The MegaMetro Plugin extends UI functionality of the open-source software nopCommerce.
Develop a theme or make a custom built mega menu using this plugin.

The MegaMetro plugin will improve customer engagement with your website.  


The MegaMetro Plugin includes  the relevant View Files as seen on the demo store.

Products specifications
One-Click Install Plugin Yes
View Files Category Menu.cshtml, ManufacturerCarousel.cshtml, ManufacturerNavigation.cshtml, NewProductCarousel.cshtml, MegaMetroProducts.cshtml, PictureBox.cshtml, TouchTopicMenu.cshtml, MegaProductBox.cshtml
Widget Zones Render widget zones
Category Mega Menu Shows Category Pictures, SubCategory Pictures, Any Level, Category Description, No. of Products Touch Screen Friendly
Manufacturer Logos Mega Menu Dropdown and Touch Friendly Carousel
Mega Information Menu Show Topics, Customer Menu, Customer Services
Improved Featured Products Show multiple pictures for each featured product
MegaMetro New Products Shows on home or any page, multiple product pictures, short or long description, in a touch friendly carousel
Mega Category Navigation Touch screen friendly navigation Show category and or subcategory pictures