nopCommerce Bootstrap 4 Category Menu

Definitive category navigation for your nopCommerce powered website comes with the touch friendly, hover or click, bootstrap 4 category menu with custom 3-2-1 flex grid for subcategory pictures and description.

Demo Store v3.80


The nopCommerce Bootstrap 4 Menu

including sub-category pictures, category descriptions, infinite level of sub-categories (level +1) list and multi-level sub-category mobile menu using jQuery toggle.

This category mega menu features a custom flex grid that displays your subcategory grid centered regardless of the number of boxes and can be easily updated to modify the number of boxes ( or subcategories ) per row.

The admin configuration works in the same fashion as the Top Menu and as such requires minimal settings - any categories set to be included in the Top Menu are displayed.

Easy to install, the nopcommerce bootstrap 4 category menu is a simple and effective upgrade to your nopcommerce powered website.

Includes free manufacturer logo carousel.

Products specifications
nopCommerce Version 3.80
Browser Compatibilty Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE 8,9,10
One-Click Install Plugin Yes
Category Mega Menu Shows Category Pictures, SubCategory Pictures, Any Level, Category Description, No. of Products Touch Screen Friendly
Manufacturer Logos Touch Friendly Carousel