nopCommerce Bootstrap 4 Category Menu

Definitive category navigation for your nopCommerce powered website comes with the touch friendly, hover or click, bootstrap 4 category menu with custom 3-2-1 flex grid for subcategory pictures and description.



The nopCommerce Bootstrap 4 Menu

including sub-category pictures, category descriptions, infinite level of sub-categories (level +1) list and multi-level sub-category mobile menu using jQuery toggle.

This category mega menu features a custom flex grid that displays your subcategory grid centered regardless of the number of boxes and can be easily updated to modify the number of boxes ( or subcategories ) per row.

The admin configuration works in the same fashion as the Top Menu and as such requires minimal settings - any categories set to be included in the Top Menu are displayed.

Easy to install, the nopcommerce bootstrap 4 category menu is a simple and effective upgrade to your nopcommerce powered website.

Includes free manufacturer logo carousel.

Products specifications
One-Click Install Plugin Yes
Browser Compatibilty Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE 8,9,10
Category Mega Menu Shows Category Pictures, SubCategory Pictures, Any Level, Category Description, No. of Products Touch Screen Friendly
Manufacturer Logos Touch Friendly Carousel