Nopcommerce Retro Template

The nopCommerce Retro Theme is beautifully styled in a classic retro fashion. Suitable for any retro themed website.

The Mega Retro Template is an amazing, unique - 100% touch screen, user friendly update to the open-source software nopCommerce.

Extended Menus

The Mega Retro Menus provide touch screen friendly, clear visual navigation with cool retro styling The category menu features subcategory pictures with main category description, all levels of category and number of products, making available as much relevant information to the user as possible, immediately upon browsing. The Manufacturer menu shows classic company logos in the navigation menu (optional carousel included to show manufacturers on the home page.) A brand new Information Mega Menu provides links to all relevant pages on your nopCommerce shop.

Multiple Products Pictures

The Mega Retro Theme sports multiple product pictures for your new products and featured products carousels. The user is instantly drawn to products with multiple product pictures rotating in the product box. This upgrade gives a huge boost to the user experience when browsing and you will only find such functionality in a nopCommerce website powered by the Mega Retro Theme.

100% Touch Screen Compatibilty

Ease of use was paramount in the design process. A huge amount of design and research went in to making the Retro Theme look stylish and be as simple to navigate as possible. All the main navigation functions are easily customised if you want to personalise the theme. For a full list of smart device compatibilty have a look at the specifications below.

Product Pictures with Elevate Zoom and Slick Navigation

The nopcommerce Retro Theme product pages make viewing products a pleasure with slider navigation for products with multiple pictures and an all new optional picture zoom. powered by Elevate Zoom. User experience is again the key focus. Customers will view more of your product pictures when browsing stock with MegaMetro - try the product page yourself on the demo store.  


The Retro theme is both contemporary but classic, it uses sections that can be navigated both horizontally and vertically.. The layout can be navigated with buttons for direct navigation. Suitable for instore and online sales.


Version 3.80 : Retro V1.00 Plugin & Theme

Retro Ecommerce Template



Products specifications
nopCommerce Version 3.90, 3.80 and earlier
One-Click Install Plugin Yes
Mobile Compatibility iPhone|iPod|iPad|Android|playbook|silk|BlackBerry|BB10|Windows Phone|Tizen|Bada|webOS|IEMobile|Opera Mini
Browser Compatibilty Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 8,9,10, Edge
Category Mega Menu Shows Category Pictures, SubCategory Pictures, Any Level, Category Description, No. of Products Touch Screen Friendly
Manufacturer Logos Mega Menu Dropdown and Touch Friendly Carousel
Search Menu Quick Search, Search by tag, recently viewed
Mega Information Menu Show Topics, Customer Menu, Customer Services
My Account Menu Touch screen friendly Cart
Improved Featured Products Show multiple pictures for each featured product
MegaMetro New Products Shows on home or any page, multiple product pictures, short or long description, in a touch friendly carousel
Mega Category Navigation Touch screen friendly navigation Show category and or subcategory pictures
Trending Products Show on home page in touch friendly carousel
Product Page Improved product viewer with slideshow and touch screen friendly zoom
Category Page Show products in a touch screen friendly carousel